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Welcome to the NelsonMania Web site!

This site is brought to you for enjoyment. Feel free to take a tour, enjoy the zany levity -- they say a little levity goes a long way. By the way, we do our own Web hosting, which makes it a lot of fun!

What's new? A Tribute to Daniel; Updated pics of the Grandkids (under construction); Updated pics of Brian and Jenn (finally published their wedding photos); Updated pics of the IAaronT family; The feedback form really works now, it does - submit a form and it sends an email to me; New hit-counter - zeroing in on the real hit count on NelsonMania!

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Can I ask you a very important question?... what bugs you?

What takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin'?... hint: John Cameron Swayze owned one, so did Jacques-Yvez Cousteau!

Do you like solid chocolate?

Where you a fifties chile?

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Photo Album (archive)

Photo Album (another archive)

Look at our archived (circa: 1997-2002) photo album filled with pictures from our vacations, sporting events, and the NelsonMania friends and family. Center stage, of course, Nathan!

(New Stuff for 2006)

It's Hailey's first birthday bash where family and friends helped her celebrate at Ortega Park in Sunnyvale.

Hmmm.... wasn't it the hottest day of the year, or something? :)



Take a peek at these circa 2002-2005 photo's of Nathan, Shaun, Jason, Jenjen and the rest of the family... as Spongebob (or is it Tony the Tiger?) would say... they're GREAT!


(More new stuff for 2006 and later)

Got pictures? Send them to me and I'll post them. Scans of photo's or digital images, I don't care.

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